Al Hashemiah Contracting Company



Building on Trust

Ever since its establishment, HATCO has gained the respect and confidence of the construction and engineering industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the implementation of progressive construction techniques, comprehensive office engineering automation combined with the application of sound and efficient engineering management principles and a stringent commitment to excellence.


The Science of Doing Things Right the First Time. Our approach topreconstruction is a disciplined and systematic method of optimizing every aspect of construction: cost, design, schedule and methods. We identify each project's unique challenges and solve them in advance. Sometimes it's figuring out the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Other times it's inventing a way to build something that has never been done. In short, using our knowledge of disciplines (Structural, Electrical, & Mechanical) and how they interface, we resolve challenges on paper before we start moving dirt and flying steel.


Better control means higher quality while maintaining commitment to on-time delivery. HATCO is renowned for our ability to self-perform, which keeps the budget in check, the schedule on track, and the level of quality outstanding. We have a trained and experienced labor force of hundreds of craftsmen. This self-performance capability also reduces project risk, as work can be taken over in the event of non-performance of subcontractor with minimal impacts to the schedule. Our clients find this capability very reassuring. Therefore, whether fast-tracked or a little more conservative, HATCO takes pride in our reputation for taking on the most challenging schedules and bringing the project in on time. Our clients repeatedly note our team's commitment to finishing on time and frequently early, all without sacrificing safety, quality, or budget.





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